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AVEC Pharma exists on the Polish market since 2010. Our core business is the production and sale of dietary supplements, medical devices and OTC products on the pharmaceutical market.

At AVEC Pharma we have many years experience and expertise of the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry gained by working with retailers and wholesale distributors in the Polish market, as well as manufacturers across Europe and worldwide.

Our knowledge of specific pharmaceutical industry enables us effective collaboration with customers, suppliers and business partners, which allows to meet long term needs of our patients and ensure continuous development of products and increase market presence.


W AVEC Pharma At AVEC Pharma, we focus on partnership, cooperation and professionalism.

We believe that by acting in a planned and consistent way, we can effectively build a new quality and actively acquire pharmaceutical market in Poland and Europe.

Our knowledge in combination with innovative solutions supports the health and improves quality of peoples life.

We launch safe, modern and well-documented efficacy products, which meet all quality requirements EU Directives.

We effectively join passion and commitment with many years of experience in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry and market knowledge of medicines and dietary supplements.


Our goal is a dynamic and stable growth of the company through the development of new products and improvement of existing ones.

We are constantly expanding our offer, introducing " commodity" products as well as "niche" products by selective choice of product, which enables us development in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical market and to provide the highest quality products, understanding constantly changing requirements and market needs of our patients.
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