• Welcome to cooperate with us

  • Welcome to cooperate with us

Why us?

– Our offer contains the highest quality products with proven effectiveness, meet the expectations of patients and provide effective supplementation.

Every customer is treated individually

– We offer very attractive terms of business

– We maintain the highest standards of service, ie. the speed of execution of orders, complaint handling and flexibility.


All manufactured products meet quality requirements included in the approved pecifications, when needed alsi European Pharmacopoeia. This is confirmed by certificates of safety. The highest standards of production including GMP requirements and HACCP iare implemented by our suppliers. All products are tested with physico-chemical and microbiological analysis which is confirmed by relevant certificates.



You are welcome to contact us

We are at your disposal. Our Customer Service will be happy to answer any questions concerning cooperation, orders, products, as well as each topic related to our business.

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