Maintaining the highest quality standards and smooth functioning of the quality control system is a key element of our business.
Quality control is carried out in all phases of the production process, from the starting materials and packaging through testing of the finished product before release on the market and also during distribution.
We perform qualification process of our suppliers. We only work with suppliers who have implemented quality assurance systems, such as: GMP, HACCP, ISO.
Our products meet all EU legal requirements and provisions on dietary supplements, medical devices and cosmetics.
We carry out quality audits of our contract manufacturers.


Our main aim is the health and safety of patients.
We know that quality assurance is a systematic process that takes place in all areas of our business with participation of all employees.
We use only raw materials which comply with approved specifications in accordance with the applicable regulations and requirements.
We carefully select our suppliers. We only work with suppliers who have implemented appropriate quality assurance systems, such as: GMP, HACCP or ISO.


Each of our products before marketing is tested for compliance with the approved specification.
We are fully responsible for the quality of the product throughout the shelf life. We study the stability of our products and keep archive of reference samples.


All manufactured products meet quality requirements included in the approved pecifications, when needed alsi European Pharmacopoeia. This is confirmed by certificates of safety. The highest standards of production including GMP requirements and HACCP iare implemented by our suppliers. All products are tested with physico-chemical and microbiological analysis which is confirmed by relevant certificates.

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